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If it were 1 and 1/2 inches narrower, I'd be happy, and outrageous prices for 25+ year old used rusty ones would no longer be a thing.
Last time I checked, they weren't that cheap, tho.
It's amazing that they refuse to just make replicas of them in the correct size. I complain to Lav about this regularly


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If you run tubes. But I don’t see people running tubes with them.
I agree. I don't know a single person that runs tubes.
Tubed wheels allow for lower psi where traction is an issue.
I also agree that in theory you can run tubed tires lower, but I will also say you have a great chance of puncturing a tube with a MUCH higher PITA factor than if you need to plug a tire. Even popping a tire off a rim is much easier to correct with tubeless than tubed.

I will also add that I know a lot of folks running tubed rims tubeless without issue. YMMV.