Disco 2 AC Question

Ansley Rover

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I have an ‘03 Disco 2 and live in Georgia. The air conditioning is at best, meh. It takes a long time to cool off the entire interior and my kids in the back seat hardly feel any air whatsoever no matter where I point the vents. Even sitting in the driver’s seat I have to hold my hand in front of the vent to feel the weak air flow and cool my arms a bit. Over a decent drive it will keep you cool enough, it’s just not as good as modern for sure.

Is this normal? I’ve had a local outfit do some other work on it that I’ve been pleased with and asked the owner, who also owns a similar aged disco. He says their AC was always weak like that and he just drives his only on cool days to deal with it.

Doesn’t sound right to me. We’re only talking about 2003. My 1998 Chevy Blazer would freeze you out.

What are y’all’s experiences? Recommendations?
My mother has an 04 D2 in Phoenix and I regularly drive it there and back and forth to Tucson, occasionally with a passenger in the back and it seems to hold its own against 110+ temperatures. Once, inexplicably, the driver’s side blew heated air while the other side blew cold, but it fixed itself on the next drive. If it want working right, trust me, I’d hear about it!

But, as they say, it’s a dry heat out there, which isn’t your situation.


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A D2 will definitely take longer to cool off than a GM product, especially if it’s just a short trip. It should still adequately cool the vehicle in the summer. Our D1 has no issues on 100F days. I would check to make sure your condenser fan is working


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have it serviced, it is 20 yrs old and anything could be happening, from a simple recharge to a failing compressor, don't forget to blow the fins on the condenser, make sure your auxiliary fan is operating as designed.
keep recirculation vents closed for max cooling.
have it serviced, it is 20 yrs old and anything could be happening, from a simple recharge to a failing compressor...
Valid point. Unless you've baselined the AC recently, it could be almost anything. I've been chasing a slow leak in my RRC AC for the past few years. Everytime we did a leak test, nothing leaked during the test, but over the year, it did. We finally found a small leak this year in the compressor, but it's only a matter of time for the other components...