Another example of just do the work yourself..

John Z

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they ran the dorman clutch line onto the brake line and it rubbed a hole into the brake line. Hate these damn shops! Pedal went to the floor when driving.

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I hate taking my cars to be worked on by a shop - it either comes back with something wrong, something broken, or something fails soon afterward (exception - I've always had a decent experience at Discount Tire because they only install tires). I think the shops are getting worse, too, especially if you have a car made when the mechanic who is working on it was still in elementary school (or younger). So I end up doing most of the work myself. Only problem is I've got four cars to take care of, the newest of which is a 2012 LR4.


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Lack of experience - especially working on trucks that get used off-road - I find is often the difference between “looks nice and tidy” and considering what’s going to happen during 4 hours of washboard road.

I consider one of the primary benefits of doing the work myself to be the reduced anger level when something fails. Without a paid professional to focus my anger on - all I can say is “damn - that was stupid” - and get on with fixing it.


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Amen, I've had some doosies. Last replaced a rear half axel on my '66 109. I got about 5 miles when the c clip on the spider gear in the rear diff came the rest of the way undone, and bam..frozen rear diff. Not a fun time.