4JG2T in 110


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No engine conversion is trivial.
UD is good people and deals square.
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No, that is not where I got that. It has came up in discussion on several occasions on the UK and Australian forums. That is why I said I wish they had posted pictures. I wonder if it the difference in using the stubby vs standard bell housing putting the engine further forward. But, since you have seen physical proof that it doesn't interfere ,that's good enough for me.
You answered the question I had because you have actually done it. Not knowing the players on the other forums, it could just be random chatter and they have never actually done anything.

I am talking to Doug right now about the 300 TDi he has. I might just get lazy if we strike a deal and go the easy route for now. I know exactly how that works, so it becomes a simple and quick project. I might start gathering parts for the other route if I drop the 300 in and just revisit this in a year or two. It's not like putting the 300 in and out is hard or time consuming.

There may be clearance issues with the big Isuzu engines like the 4BD1-T, but I am no expert on them.


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There is not any oil filter interference with the 4JB1-T.
Added some pictures of the install to post #13.

Don't get me wrong, the Mercedes OM617 is a great conversion with an engine that will run on almost any combustible fuel and drive for a million miles. With the M-IP it will get up to about 250HP.

I just like the 4JB1-T, it is very very fast, but not available in USA.
The OM617 is very easy to find in USA and the Mercedes Dealers can get most any part for them at a reasonable price.

Are you still building the adapter kits for the OM617?