200TDi for sale


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Happy Friday,

I have a strong running 200TDI/LT77/LT230 sitting at Red Door Offroad. Head gasket (head was inspected) was replaced around 30km ago, water pump/timing belt/valve lash/etc about 3km ago. Pulled for an R2.8, can give more details and driving/cold start videos in a PM or text, will hold 70mph all day long.

#1 - 322psi
#2 - 321psi
#3 - 359psi
#4 - 378psi
Leak down at 100psi
#1 - 4% drop 96psi
#2 - 3% drop 97psi
#3 - 4% drop 96psi
#4 - 3% drop 97psi

LT77 has never given me the typical issues people have. I'd never opened it up bc I haven't needed too. fluids replaced 3km ago
LT230 is 1.4 ratio. Similarly, never had an issue, never opened it up, fluids replaced 3km ago

Also includes the radiator, mechanical fan (not shown in photos), fan shroud (not shown in photos), air intake can that's NLA (not shown in photos), Allisport double core intercooler, original intercooler, IP has been adjust to match the double core intercooler, has 100A alternator, boost set to ~16psi with boost controller.

Yes it leaks like normal and yes I'm willing to sell the fan shroud and intake separately, but they'll have an engine attached and no price reduction :)
I'm sure I'm missing things, ask questions. $4000