200/300 Tdi Spill Rail Leak Fix


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If you're a proud owner of a 200/300 Tdi, you'll probably experience a leak at some point coming from the spill rail. This can be a couple things:
  1. Banjo bolts loose
  2. Copper washers for banjo bolts need replacing
  3. Spill rail tube has come off banjo fitting
  4. Spill rail tube has failed and is leaking
The stock part number for the spill rail is MJN100910.
The tube is otherwise a 3.2mm hose. There are a few variants of the nipple on the banjo fittings out there. Some that we've seen are: straight, straight with single bulb/barb, & fully barbed.


The straight and straight with the single bulb/barb typically are found with a fabric insulated rubber hose. And the fully barbed is plastic hose that has been heated/pressed on. All types of hose can fail and are susceptible to age and heat. I had very low miles (<5k) and about 4 years on my new fabric insulated rubber set when it split.

There are a number of solutions to replacing the hose as suggested by members:
  1. OEM replacement part MJN100910
  2. Mercedes sprinter van return line from dealer
  3. Blue 5/16" ID Polyurethane Fuel Line https://www.jpcycles.com/product/44...2733&totalResult=1&isSearchByMotorcycle=False
  4. 3-4mm ID braided fuel hose
  5. The "bling" kit - green 3.2mm Viton hose, p/n MB20001-1 https://blenddoor.com/product/premium-land-rover/
Issues with the tube coming off the straight nipple can be resolved by:
  1. Using hose clamps
  2. Using a brake line tool to bubble flair the end
  3. Using a bead tool to add the bulb https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/productdetails.asp?RecID=31584
Issues with the copper washers at the banjo fitting can be resolved by:
  1. Using your spare washers :), part number ERR1304
  2. Filing down the washer slightly and reusing
  3. Heat up the copper washer till cherry red with a gas torch or even a gas stove top and let it air cool. Use a length of copper wire to hold them while heating and cooling.
  4. Worst case your injector face may be scarred and you need a new injector.
OEM part number summary:
  • 300Tdi Spill Rail - MJN100910
  • Banjo bolt washer - ERR1304
  • Banjo Bolt - ERR1200
  • Banjo Bolt and washer set - STC3297
Information provided by these fine members: @Napalm00 @acheck @jymmiejamz @javelinadave @RDavisinVA @Roverman2010 @Viton

Installation of the "bling" kit from Blenddoor:

Seemingly good condition lines that leak:

New green Viton line kit (note I didn't install the line from the injector to the injection pump):

1 to 2 installed with clamps:

Some trimming to the acoustic cover because it was rubbing somewhat:

Finished product:

Now if anyone has a source for a nice green oval for my acoustic cover let me know! Then I can match the bling.


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Excellent write up. I should mention that the tool for adding a bead to the nipple is probably not the correct size. I had posted it as an example of how to add a bead and I don’t think that company sells one small enough.

Can we get this man a technical excellence sticker?


Hi, I would like to know if the "bling" kit - green 3.2mm Viton hose blend door fits a Defender TDI 200 from the year 1991? As shown as attached picture. I noticed that the configurations are different, as the one above is straightforward, while mine is connected to the injector pump. Meaning I have to modify it a bit so that it can be used with the bling kit? and the small red circle was the leaks side. thank you so much!


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Hi, Thank you for your replied. Ok, great. May I know the size? or do you know what is the size for TDI200? about 3.2mm? And how did you install it? Just cut and fit it? What about those washers or banjo bolts? Did you use new ones? thank you so much!

The size I linked to will fit. Yes, just cut and fit it. If your banjo eyes and washers aren't leaking, then you can leave them in place. If you take them off, it's best to replace the washers.


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belmetric has everything you'll ever need for hose and polyamide. just use hot water vs a flame when softening the poly.


The size I linked to will fit. Yes, just cut and fit it. If your banjo eyes and washers aren't leaking, then you can leave them in place. If you take them off, it's best to replace the washers.
Hi erover82, forgot to ask something – do you use hose clamps? If yes, what is the correct size? I cannot see any smaller sizes, only 6mm. Thank you.