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    From D Source: We'll have the INEOS Automotive Grenadier 001 Prototype at our shop on Wednesday May 26th and wanted to find a way to invite some of the local 4x4 Groups to check it out. I'd like to extend an invite to join us for a happy-hour timed cars-and-coffee on Wednesday, May 26th, at...
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    What's your day job?

    I've been a record store manager, a rock radio dj, a BMW motorcycle dealer service manager and now I'm helping get unsafe motorcycles, buses , RVs and heavy trucks repaired free of charge to the owner. And yes, working on my own unsafe motorcycles and Land Rovers while listening to good music...
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    I've had enough of this crap.

    Lets wait until tomorrow until we make any foolish decisions...
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    Best dash cam advice sought

    Hah! I had seen this thread and moved on, not needing a dash cam. But I was shopping for a back up camera system (wing mirrors on my series look cool but thats it) and hooking up a trailer can be difficult. I found a system that is both a dash cam and a reverse camera but what really caught my...
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    how does a D90 soft top hoop set differ from a Series one?

    They look the same in the tiny pictures that I've seen.
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    Drill Bits For Steel?

    One person's test:
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    The Very Best Thread

    Eagle Rare for me.
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    The Very Best Thread

    Ok, I think these deserve a mention. The work great, they are cheap and easy to carry...Uncle Bill's sliver grippers
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    Tool Deals Thread

    Metabo is Hitachi's new name, right?
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    Tool Deals Thread

    Anytime that I see these posts, this is all that I can think about
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    no jack in truck: recommendations?

    I've been wanting to buy a set of the jacks w/ integral stands for years but keep waffling between which size to get. Also, in general, the reviews are rather horrible for reliability, although alot of them appear to suffer from infant mortality. I wish someone would make a high quality...
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    I know that this was a year ago, but yeah, I know the owner. He had 3 vintage he has 2, because I bought one from him. :) he's quite the old codger...
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    Need One Wheel For a ROW 110

    FlyersFan76- Do you still have these wheels? Were they the welded ones?