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    The Land Rover photo thread (original content)

    Camping with my son, we set up camp with a reasonably good view.
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    Spotted a red 110 in Durango last week.
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    Congratulations Z.G!

    Congratulations, I wish you two all the best!
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    WTB 110 Project Truck

    I live on the western slope. Titling and registration was easy, but I had it registered in WA for a few years prior to moving back to CO. If I were to import another one, I would probably hire Doug C to manage that side of things, in large part because I no longer live within striking range of...
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    WTB 110 Project Truck

    Welcome. I too am in CO and live at 7400, so I get the elevation thing. If I were in your shoes, I would be looking hard at trucks from Italy, S. France etc. and just import it. I imported mine from the UK and ended up driving it for a year or so and then pulling it off the road for 4 and...
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    V8 Radiator dimensions

    Are you looking for the port dimensions, core dimensions, overall external dimensions or something else?
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    RT Cranked rear links and Donaldson FRG Air Cleaner FS

    The rear links are sold. The filter is still available.
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    Bulkhead removal thread?

    Count this as a subtle nudge toward galvanizing whatever you put back in.
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    Colorado road trip prep. 300tdi

    In all seriousness, the likely lows at the end of Jan-Feb in Breckenridge are 0F +/- few degrees. Use some fuels treatment, and oil pan heater, if you have access to a power source. Before I had a garage, we had a cold snap in Durango with a week of ~ -25F in the early am. Glow plugs and 3-4...
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    The Land Rover photo thread (original content)

    A couple years ago, leaving Arches via the old road: This past summer on a weekend outing:
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    RT Cranked rear links and Donaldson FRG Air Cleaner FS

    Cleaned up the cranked rear links and pressed out the old bushings. $150 + Shipping, OBO, open to trades
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    200TDI vs. 300TDI Probably beating a dead horse

    I love my 4BD1T powered 110. It is plenty fast for me, not to be confused with quick. I live at 7400, so not quite CB elevation, but we play in the same air. If the decision is between those specific trucks, I would choose based upon minimizing rust and mechanical condition. Service stuff is...
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    RT Cranked rear links and Donaldson FRG Air Cleaner FS

    FS RoverTracks cranked rear links for a 110. These links are used but beefy. The bolts seized in the bushing because I failed to use anti-seize when they were installed in 2012 or so (Doh!) and I had to cut the bolts to remove them. New bushings and a lick of paints and they would be good as...