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    Help. Need feedback on builders.

    A few hours on and you too can be a rover restomod shop. /s I've worked with Monarch products (dash, seats, visors, consoles), not trucks. Short of it, the quality and fitment was so so. I have lots of customers who ask for my opinion on trucks (BaT, Ebay, private sales). that small...
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    Scissor Type Bonnet prop mount

    don't quote me, but I believe it's ALR1982
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    New to the group in MidCoast Maine

    Welcome! I'm always a fan of a 90 in white
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    A/C MOD vs OEM vs CoolAir Logan or others

    I agree that they do have a good idea, but just have dropped the ball in many places; instructions, correct hardware, hoses, missing parts, etc. were all an issue with this install. now stuck waiting on the correct heater valve. last MoD product I agree to do
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    A/C MOD vs OEM vs CoolAir Logan or others

    i'm doing a a full MoD install now. It's been a slog of an install. Their solution is about 80% complete in my view.
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    Injector pump question

    Is your glow system operational?
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    FS: Salisbury Truetrac - new in box

    No photo of the unit. but it's a new Salisbury Truetrac in its box. opened it to make sure it was there and shelved it. We ended up using a Detroit locker over this. $730 picked up in Scarborough, ME.
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    Broke Down! Any ideas?

    They can be on wicked tight. most do zip off with a few uga-uga's off the impact. Crank holding tool w/ 44" 3/4 drive breaker bar + extension and my fatness hanging off the end. does the trick.