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    T-posts $350 obo or free to a good home!

    Thanks for the T-posts Tom! Much much better than the ones I have. And with some repairs and galvy dip they will be better than new. DM if you want my old B-pillars - they are crusty but may work for your project.
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    T-posts $350 obo or free to a good home!

    Going to be in LI on Sat - just sent a DM
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    "Things are falling in place so nicely that I'm getting nervous"

    As long as no one was hurt the outcome doesn't look bad at all - it seems like it could have been a lot worse. I know those bike racks aren't cheap but it looks like it saved you lots of damage on your 110.
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    Congratulations Z.G!

    Congrats Zack! And Bear ;)
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    An eventful photo scouting session

    Great read and photos Adam!
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    200tdi 12L with 300tdi VVT and shorty R380

    Bump - I'll have this engine/tranny out soon and would like to not trip over it while installing the R2.8 $3,000 and will include the 1.4 LT230 I had pulled from another 110 last fall. Located in central NJ - I can delivery within a 200 mile range for a fuel/toll money.
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    Cars you have owned

    There was a good Jeremy Clarkson/Top Gear episode where Clarkson was saying that Saab was supposed to use most of an Opel platform for a new model but Saab ended up changing almost all of it. My buddy was telling me some of the 9-3's can be made to put out a lot of horsepower. So surprised...
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    Cars you have owned

    The Saabs probably made Land Rover ownership seem easy ;) Nice to see they were all classics (the '94 Cab was a classic for that year wasn't it?) And mostly Turbos too. I would love to get another classic 900 Turbo
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    OM606 Revisited for Defender

    Beautiful intake piping! That HE341 has a big intake! 4"?
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    Tool Deals Thread

    I have 2 of those exact Husky boxes I got when I redid my garage in 2019 early 2020. Actually worked out very well for my setup with the 2 wooden tops as a workbench. I think I paid $350 for each of them so the $200 is a great deal as you can't even get a wheeled wood top Huksy for under $790...
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    Bring a Trailer Defender Auction Criticism

    Lot's of cool and overall nicely done parts and a clean overall look on that. But small stuff like the axle breather, missing screws on the headlight surrounds falls a bit short. Saying "Borla Exhuast" is pretty bad when it's a Borla muffler welded between what looks like some random pipes...
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    R2.8 Real World Experience

    I know it's like a "paid advertisement" but the Four Wheeler magazine guys have used R2.8's a lot in their builds for UA. Fred Williams and Dave Chappelle drove one under water, on water and then on UA last summer.
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    R2.8 Real World Experience

    Good timing to read this for me as I just parked my 110 into my freshly cleaned garage bay so I can start taking apart the front end in preparation for the R2.8 and long BH R380 gearbox that have been in the garage for almost a year now. Sounds like the R2.8 is a good match for the 110. Not as...
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    Transfer case shift linkage needed

    I might have something that would work
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    New Defenders starting to show up at dealers

    That's really cool. Crazy how much of a porker the LR4 is! 5655 lbs