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It's been about 3 months and I couldn't be happier. Everything is holding up fine. Highway speeds are easily maintained. No overheating issues. Minor repairs as things loosened up a bit but nothing serious. Mileage is not great, 12-14 most days but it's running very rich and needs some adjusting.

Overall, best money I've spent on the rover. I can hop in it, turn the key and go. I don't have to check to see how big the puddle is underneath it before I leave the garage or carry a milk crate with extra fluids with me. I would feel completely comfortable driving this thing to Florida. Spares are everywhere so no need to carry too much. I think I carry a fan belt and some hose clamps currently which is much better than the crate I had for my 2.5na.

Shifting is much smoother now that I've learned what it likes and things have broken in. No issues there.
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