Wipers need Kickstart


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As others have said, you have adequate access to the wheel boxes by removing the dash top. While you’re at it, it makes sense to at least inspect the wiper rack and motor. I replaced the rack, cleaned out the dried up grease, and applied fresh grease in the tubes and motor gears. Much better than before on my likely original to 1985 setup. I used the Development Design Eng wheel boxes. I believe JimC has used them as well and reported that they are of superior quality to original parts.


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Thanks for the insight on replacement. I was doing some searching around on their topic and found these Helpful (to me anyway) videos from Britannica Restorations (Again, such a great resource IMO), so thought I'd share..

The first shows the replacement and issues with replacement wheel boxes (Watch till the end)

The Second shows what I guess is the difference between the older and newer OEM parts Mike from ECR talked about, and I assume the difference in the model year versions of the Design Developments parts. Appears the later are not a direct replacement without modifying the drive gear as well..