What have you done today to your Land Rover


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Swapped over the cooling fan viscous coupling for my "winter" version. Amazing how much quieter the Hayden normal duty version is instead of the heavy duty version I've taken to using over the summer.


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Changed out a viscous coupling on the RRC BW transfer box. I am thinking this one is also U/S. Going to hit the sand and walmarts parking lot for a test. So an lt230 is going be sourced. unless I can find a cheap P38 coupling, one with low miles.
Well that didn't go well. A "he said it tested good" viscous coupling was a load of crap. Driving with the front prop shaft out for now. New (re-built) Ashcroft Lt230 with atb and sleeved casing on order. So many truths are told if it's got more than 100k miles on it, it toast.


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could you post about your other dash mods ? That center dash pod is quite interesting
It is a MUD Stuff console. I moved the AC switches to the console along with the windows, heated seat switches, heated windscreen/mirrors, rear window defrost and hazard. There is a volt meter, power socket, USB power, and rear wiper switch as well Webasto controller and timer and the left top is exterior temperature. The stereo is a seven inch single DIN retractable touch screen. I used stereo blanking plates to mout the switches onto and then popped those intonthe console. Makes for easy access and any further work if I want to. I went for symmetry and functionality. 👍🏻

Yes that is a Motorola auxilliary speaker for my centre channel as well as left and right mid range on the dash. I have 14 speakers in total and sub as well. Nice sound. Its a very quiet ride at 120kph. You can carry on a conversation and listen to music all at the same time. My CB is demountable and I use it only when I off road. As you can see with the CB picture at the bottom it was a build in progress.




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Yesterday I pulled it out of my barn so I could get to my tractor and leaf blower for one last run around the yard. Today I need to get the snow blower out in preparation for the storm. Was the same thing last year. Last leaves one day, first snow the next.

Uncle Douglas

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Took the holiday to work on the 130.
Trey and I lifted the 130 bed/with hoopset and canvas in place onto the galvanized chassis. Been a slow process, just making time to work on my own truck, sand blasting all the brackets to bare metal then zinc chromate primer and paint before re assembly. You have to mount and fasten the cab first before the bed.

130's have way more brackets and fasteners attaching the body to the frame than a 110 station wagon.
They truly are the ultimate defender. Can't believe I left this truck parked under a tree for 6 yrs. Haven't driven it since 2013. Where did the time go ?

Going to remove the bulkhead and swap in a galvanized lhd one and go ahead and convert it before reinstalling the 300/r380. Have a lhd dash and new in the box lhd a/c system I bought for this truck back in 2010. Front doors are already tdci new take offs. Have two new rear door shells I need to build out, current 2nd rows are shot. Be cool to get this one back on the road with all new doors,lhd, with a galv chassis, and galv bulkhead, and a/c.
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