VDO Tach Gauge Wiring


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I am wiring the gauges in my center pod. I pulled the power for the backlight from the clock and that works.

I need to run switched 12 and a ground to the tach. I am assuming if I pull 12v from the backlight it will only work with the lights on. Ideas on where to pull switched 12v from?

Am I ok just connecting the backlight ground to the gauge ground?



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Don't use the clock purple for the lighting as it will stay on even when the truck is off.

Pull the lighting from behind the binnacle /main gauges it's red with yellow stripe .

Pull the switched power from the same place , any white wire back there or there is a white wire under the plastic parcel tray behind the center dash position

Gauge lighting ground sould be one wire to the chassis , separate from the signal wire grounds . You can use the gauge to ground the lighting as long as they are Daisy chained and one goes to ground


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It doesn?t matter. It is just a frequency measurement. There is no current flow.


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If you talking about the tach signal wire , something small is fine . It carries no serious current.