Tightening up tailgate (well it's not a tailgate really - is it the 'rear door')?


What are all the moves needed to get the tailgate/tire carrier nice n snug with no jiggling over the rougher bumps?

I've done new hinge bushes, new tire carrier bumper (and tightened it up by shimming it out to make firmer contact), tightened up all bolts, realigned the latch/catch, greased the carrier bushes - which don't seem to be loose at all, it's a pretty young truck.

It's far quieter and sturdy now, but still makes a jiggle over the more wicked bumps. I think the jiggle sound source is the latch still - when the weight of the carrier moves the door enough it can't help but make some noise, and where else could that noise be coming from?

Is there a certain move I should make to sort this? I was thinking add a firmer bushing to the lower part of the door on the latch side, since the way it's designed the door can flex at the bottom but not at the top where the latch holds it in position, and maybe that allows the door to twist/wiggle when bump movement is more intense than usual.



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No tailboard specific advice, but UHMW tape is handy for shimming gaps between metal parts that lead to rattles.