Some Sweet Camel Trophy Models (1:18 scale)


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Came across these. They are really nice, but also pretty pricy (more than my budget for models), but thought I'd share. I'd never heard of the brand (Almost Real) before, but I think they did a much nicer job with the D110 myself, from the engine detail, to the Fuel Filler detail, etc.. Was bummed to see the D90 fell short, but overall they are both very cool. You can also get them in clean versions, and they have some other Defender variants as well..

P.S. - I thought it was funny they used the Superwich Husky from the 110 as a base for the Warn 8274 on the 90. Just another example of the disappointments on the D90 vs the D110 models..



Not sure if this is a complete list of available models or not, but: