So who has sold their NAS to buy/build a ROW Truck?


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Not even 10-12 on pavement.
Out West jerry cans are a must.

I usually would get 14 out of my D90 with the 4.6 on the highway before I put in the lower gears. Haven’t measured it since. Auxiliary fuel tank is the best modification I’ve made to that truck.


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I sold my NAS 90 to buy a ROW 110. I keep my Defender for doing long-range off-pavement desert trips and the 90 was an endless compromise for those. The 3-door 110 suits my needs perfectly. The only thing I may change someday is to do an LS conversion.

That's almost exactly the route I keep pondering about taking. Going from a 90 to 110.... Each has their merits. I'll probably be selling my M416 trailer in the spring time....That will give me more room in the barn in winter....for other things....


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We were on a club trip to Colorado 5 years ago - all Rovers but couldn't be more different, power-, torque-, and fuel economy-wise.
- a D1 on 265/75 but with 1.4 high range LT230
- a 95 LWB Classic on 33x12.5R15s but with stock drivetrain
- a NAS 95 D90 on 255/85R16 and with stock drivetrain, and
- an 84 ROW D110 with International 2.8 diesel.
Between San Diego and Ouray we've had at least 6 fuel stops, all "mandated" by the 90. Flat highway gas mileage was about 12 for the 90, 13 - RRC, 15 for the D1, and near 20 for the 110.


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Did six hours straight on a half tank in a 110 200tdi last month from DC to Cape Hatteras, NC which was a joy without stopping for fuel. Need to get my hearing checked again tho.

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I had a 97 NAS ST and I foolishly sold it in 2005. I spent the next 6 years regretting it and finally bought my 110 in 2011. At first there was no comparison to the 90. It was slow, temperamental and difficult but surprisingly more reliable than my 90! After a frame off and an LS conversion I can say that my 90 doesn't even compare. The 110 is the better truck, more power, carry more gear, road manners are better, easier to get parts for and since I took it down and rebuilt it, I know just about every system on it.


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I regret selling my 94 NAS 90 ST. The manual V8 was beautiful. I built a 95 ROW 90 ST as close to my old NAS as possible. But it’s a 300Tdi, and not as pleasant to drive as the NAS. Slower, much much louder, feels a bit more agricultural. It does get awesome fuel economy and is utterly reliable. I don’t enjoy driving the 300Tdi long distances. Maybe I’d like it more if I LS-swapped it? Had a 75 Series 3 and I don’t miss that one. I regret selling my various 3.9L RRCs more than anything. Those were my favorites.

1994 NAS D90 3.9 (former)

1995 ROW D90 300Tdi (current)


I’ve owned several NAS trucks, and several ROW trucks. I’ll take a nicely built ROW truck 10/10.

I get the novelty of NAS trucks, but I like to drive my rig, and a nice ROW diesel is the ticket, IMO.


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Grew up in a '94 AA Yellow ST - was an epic truck - the floor was rhino lined so you could literally hose the interior out. That color also hides ripples in body panels so well

60K miles + the truck had seemingly endless problems - electrical, overheating, everything leaking which caused the clutch to slip, cracked cylinder, drivetrain slack, corrosion, etc.

Was never a fan of the wheels but looking back at photos I can better appreciate them now - we painted the center portion black and left the "walls" silver - very cool look.

That truck sold for the same price, to the penny, as my current 200TDI 90 -

While the 200TDI has been bulletproof (and damn efficient) - the V8 had a more "pleasant" sound (not necessarily cooler) - Its no secret, however, that that NAS V8 was disgustingly underpowered.

I miss the R380 for highway driving - better suited for the road.

The TDI/Lt77 is the clear choice off-road - much less likely to overheat

I will say, driving these turbo diesels is (and sounds) so cool - its such a unique setup in the U.S where diesels are almost exclusively in commercial vehicles. It almost feels/sounds like you're flying a plane when you're cooking on the highway. The spot welded and riveted aluminum panels and gauge designs add to that experience!

The big selling point for me was aesthetics. I always liked the Euro/ROW look best. *Painted Wheel Arches!* And of course, reliability of the diesels.

I love the look of the early ribbed roof and the lack of windshield cage/hoop (which also allows you to flip the windshield forward onto the hood with the top off) - that being said, the NAS roof baskets were killer - tradeoffs!

Also like the rear lights on the Euro defenders

Not for nothing, me and just about every non "defender guy" find trucks imported from Europe/Africa/Australia Etc. insanely cool - depending on the color, its immediately apparent that they are a "fish out of water" in the US

After getting my current 90 I was far too influenced by the forums and thought about trying to trade it for another NAS truck - so glad I didn't. I'd like to keep my current 90 until I'm too old to depress the clutch pedal anymore.

There's no doubt that NAS trucks are incredibly special - Its so cool that LR brought that truck to America and they certainly weren't mass-produced.

I love 'em both to death, In the end, I chose to go with a European truck because I always preferred the looks and it was time to "change it up"


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Forgot to mention that the rear bulkhead on non-NAS defender's allows you to install the truck-cab roof and turn the rear into a bed.