Set of Lift Up Roll Up Doors (New)


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Regretfully abandoning the idea of using these for my 110. I bought these second hand, so I do not know where originally from but would put money on SP, since they are the only ones that seem to be making them. Theya are new and in pretty great shape from the once long trip.

Condition wise I would list these at a solid 8/10
passenger side has 2 small dings above/left of the door handle as seen in pics, otherwise seem to be straight and true, with the usual machine bending flaws in the door skin.

Currently listed at SP for $360 each. Not sure what shipping is from UK, but guessing a few hundred bucks?
Asking $650 + ship /obo

Happy to crate them as I started to build one already. Just in case someone local to Philly area wants, them, I'd save myself the hassle, time, effort and list them first before I finish it.