R2.8 Tunes for Out of Warranty Engines


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These engines are now going out of warranty (mine is out) and I see some posts about aftermarket tunes for more torque at lower RPM.

Where are these available?

The original early cummins tune was upgraded by the factory through an early "send in your ECU" program... do the new tunes include all of this or would an early engine be best contacting cummins for the base upgrade and then doing the aftermarket tune up?

Uncle Douglas

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All R2.8's should have the 310 ft lbs of torque tune. If not Brittany @ Cummins will reflash to current program.

Have a 7 position stealth tuner available. Position 1 is stock, position 3 is 330 ft lbs, position 7 is 380 ft lbs. Stealth tuner means it is an external device that in no way changes your ecu programing. Stealth tuners change the signal sent to the ECU by the fuel pressure sensor on the common rail, and the boost pressure sensor on the intake manifold. Stealth tuners are available for most all light duty common rail trucks.

The difference the tuner makes is quite significant and can be felt just turning around in your driveway. I find I end up driving more gently because so much more is on tap and the engine is far more responsive.
The snap on engine cover that Cummins cant sell you- 100 of those available as well.
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