Prince Philip: Bespoke Land Rover hearse


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This popped up on my news feed. Thought it might be worthy of a share.

"The duke's decades-long love affair with Land Rover was so strong that two additional Land Rovers were made for "belt and braces" in case a backup was needed."



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My mother and I shared an affinity for Land Rovers and when COVID killer her, I had hoped to send her off via Land Rover. @rocky knows and tried to help me. COVID once again got in the way, as she passed pretty early on in the pandemic, when a burial wasn't even a certainty... so the best I could do was affix a badge from one of my earliest IIAs to a custom-made casket in a feminine shade that came out more Woodcote than Ardennes. A morbid post I know, but some of us, like the Prince, literally take Land Rovers to the grave. ;)


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