New Defenders starting to show up at dealers


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Roof rack noisy as hell.
In car entertainment and interfaces are typical LR BS, not intuitive. Think 2010 GM, with nicer screen.
Very smooth on shit sections of road and RR crossings.
Rear visibility not the greatest, in both mirrors and windows.
Activity key is cheesy and not really a benefit. Thought it would be a prox sensor to open doors, it is not.
Incontrol app on app store will not register an account.

Bottom line: Wife loves it, so all good.


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All of the usual stuff like timing and plastic cooling system components. I was at the local dealership probably 6 weeks ago that has a Pretender with the V8 that has a defective cylinder head. It was still there when I stopped by last week. Here’s the replacement cylinder head from Land Rover.
Damn - that's the replacement head? Is it the supply chain issues or are manufacturers just making shitty stuff these days?

My old coworkers from the dealership all say the I6 is total garbage. The I4 has tons of issues as well, but at least there is some room to work on it

Is the I6 in the Pretender the same as the P400 in the FFRR? We have a 2020 with that setup and so far it's been good. On a trip to and from NH it gave 25 MPG at 70-80 MPH speeds thru congested MA, CT, NY, NJ which I didn't think was bad. I like the power delivery way better than the V6 that was in a 2018 RRS we had.


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I keep coming back to this thread, with hope and promise. However, as much as I would love to be an all-defender family, the styling still sucks. YMMV. Sucks. Inside is better than outside, but outside is still important to me.

However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And, according to BlackRangie, that mole that abounded for a while on that other site, it is the best styling, best performing Defender of all time, lol (what a tool he was/is). So to each, their own. And if my wife liked it, that is enough for me too.


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It's actually a pretty good looking truck from the back, IMO. The front could obviously be improved by a brush bar in the *older* ARB style, not the thin-tube one currently offered--with some kind of accommodation or ventilation for the oil-coolers on the front bottom left + right. Making that one change would go a long way to changing the character of the vehicle, so I have hope for the aftermarket (the LR3 had this same issue early on). And maybe something other than the factory rack (though the factory rack is still better than the old factory expedition rack I had on my LR3).

And, as MoutainD said, the interior is excellent.


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Wife has set her preferences on:
Brake HOLD function
Auto-Dim headlamps
Adaptive cruise

She is amazed with the car.

For those who want it, a decent looking real bullbar is avail from AUS. Basically rocket science to install, one guy cut thru a harness installing his!



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