New Defender 110 questions


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In PA some of the local dealer markup was in the 12k-15k range. i guess the comeback to the US tax? I assume stealerships can do whatever they want in regard to vehicle costs?
Yeah, the stealerships can pretty much do what they want. Funny thing is the same dealership that listed "pre-release" pricing is the same dealer that is advertising jacked prices.


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Availability is limited. A few months ago the talk was of only basic models initially. Hopefully dealer push back changed that. First adopters tend to like the all singing all the options versions.


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I know the 6cyl adds a good wad of cash to the equation but the base S they are advertising at $62K is 4cyl w/o any bells or whistles. The SE w/ 6cyl and well equipped is advertised at $73k so $12,350 added cost for the 6cyl makes sense but otherwise it's stripped compared to the SE. Seems like they jacked the price of the base model.
According to the US website the base 110 S is $54,375. Keep in mind that almost any change adds cost. $710 for any color other than white. So it does not take much stuff to get it to $62. The $50k is the base model (not S) with nothing. I would doubt they would ever import one like that. They do not even give you a discount for steel wheels.


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To be honest, the driving experience is not like an LR3/4. It is very "light on its feet" feeling...The old trucks seem very solid and my D90 and LR3 seem to be very heavy feeling while driving. The new Defender 110 (first edition) is very quick, and feels light while driving....more like the FJ Cruiser I had in '07 compared to my LR3. The LR feels very solid and built like a tank. This one definitely does not have that same feel. It still feels rugged, but not as rugged as the old trucks for sure. If you want to hit a tree and keep going then I'd say that probably ended with the LR3/4 trucks...sadly.