Heritage Defender 110 #39 of 41

El Pinchi

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Heritage Defender 110 #39 of 41 for sale
I am posting for a friend of mine.
This may be the first resale of the limited edition Heritage 110.
Important Please note this car is available for sale only to car collectors in the US or international sales only because it has Mexican plates and if you live here you won’t be able to register it for a long time! My friend lives here in Rancho Santa Fe, CA but he has residence in both the US and Mexico which is how he was able to purchase this. He has too many cars and this one has to go. He already has a very decked out black Puma 110.

28,000 km mostly from driving up from Sinaloa and back for service 3 times and for plates.
100% original only bumper painted black bc he didn’t like the grey color.
Asking price $120,000.

It is posted locally too.
If you are seriously interested please send me a pm.
Thanks! Eddie


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Sweet truck. Saw one in Hong Kong a few weeks ago. Definitely too nice to wheel, but if money were no option I'd have one just 'because.'