Heated windshield with Wabasto?


Hi Everyone,

I need to have some rust removed around the windshield that will require it to be removed and want to know if its worth putting in a heated windshield while this work is being done noting that I plan to install a Wabasto heater since I live in Ontario, Canada. Will the Wabasto provide sufficient heat to clear the windshield or should I make this upgrade?


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Definitely worth it imo. I used to live in upstate NY. Near instant visibility and you can keep it cold in the cab if you want


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It’s not so much that the heated windshield melts ice (not really) or demists in the winter (though it does), but that it erases moisture at all those other times when you don’t need heat, like in the spring and summer.


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I love my heated windshield. German winter (frost daily). Start truck. Hit button. 5 minutes later, hit wipers. Clean window, drive away.


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LOVE my heated windscreen. Not only is it good for melting off any ice in short order, it puts an end to the foggy windscreen. Make sure you set the type with the 3 connections at the bottom of the screen, they run at a much higher temperature then the 2 connection.