Gently Used Wing Parts


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Harvested some parts off of various wings that I picked up from some great members of the community. After fine tuning my spot weld drilling skills, they are just taking up room in my shed. Wings seem to be my Defender arch nemesis, so I am giving up on piecing parts together and likely done buying more in hopes it will work out. These are all perfect for a trail truck or someone with a paintless dent guy with nothing better to do, but make no mistake these are not show quality. ;)

I'll keep this around for a short while before the local scrapper comes by to get them. Best deal ever if you can arrange RURR or pick them up

I don't have boxes for the outer wings, so pick up or RURR for now on those. My wife will likely load up on amazon boxes in the near future, so can likely pack and ship within reasonable time. All + ship

Green Headlamp Panels - $20 set
Blue Headlamp Panels - $20 set
Green outer Wings - $20 each
Green Wing tops - $25 set
Blue Wing tops - $35 set
Green Inner Wing Supports - $35 set (this is the part you cannot buy separately)
Headlamp bucket supports - $50 set






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I need a left hand headlight surround... Are either one in good shape? Looks like both the right sides are in great shape.


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Coolio... Mine has been riveted... Not sure why but I'll find out when we take the wing off.

Thanks anyway.