Fuse block Relay Identification - Tdi


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Looking to identify the relays in my 200tdi fuse box. I have several manuals, and and for whatever reason the 200tdi 91-94 manuals all seem to share the same schematics with a dozen options. Not sure if there is a standard, but the 91, 90 has 5 relays across the bottom of the box, and 2 behind. The 92, 110 has 3 relays across the bottom, and 2 behind. Is there a standard on them from right to left? I have not pulled the 110 apart yet, as im just starting to unwire all the add ons. Thanks.

I know the wiper and flasher are behind on the left. What is left for a tdi? Rear wiper? Heated window? Glow plugs are under the hood if im not mistaken.

1991, 90

1992, 110 (thanks to the PO for the scotchlocks and relay jumper)


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I think the mystery is solved, but have yet to test. In case anyone else has questions or for future. It looks like the rear lamp relay. Not exactly sure why it exists, but with LED's it will be irrelevant, and likely explains why the PO didnt care about jumping it.

The other relays are still a bit of a mystery, as the colors for the middle one match a starter relay, but it's a TDI and I assumed there was none for that. I will have to pull and test.