FS:1990 LHD Defender 110 Tithonus Modified Restoration


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1990 LandRover Defender 110 Tithonus LHD

This is an original LHD Defender 110 Tithonus and has a clean title in the state of Montana. Vehicle is currently located on the East Coast of North Carolina where it is available for viewing. Details of the build are listed below. Additional information is available upon request. The correct VIN on the vehicle is:VIN# SALLDHAC8HA475085

Since I'm only able to upload 2 pics at a time on this site I put some albums together.
To view 150+ additional pics click this link: http://s681.photobucket.com/user/boo...thonus%20Build
or click this link:

Modified Restoration Includes/but not Limited to:

Engine-Transmission-Transfer Case

1. Rover V8 3.9L with 24K miles

2. Automatic ZF 4HP22 Transmission

3. LT230 Transfer Case

4. New Lokar shifter

5. New 110 Amp Alternator

6. New Distributor

7. New Ignition cables with heat shield covers

8. New Spark plugs

9. New Fuel Injectors

10.All New Belts

11.New Power steering lines

12.New Radiator hoses

13.New Ignition coil

14.Upgraded Brake booster

15.New Brake pads

16.New Brake distribution box

17.New Master cylinder

18.New Stainless steel brake lines

19.New Valve gaskets

20.New Valley pan gasket

21.New Heater box

22.New Heater hoses

23.New Starter


1. New Land Rover Fuji White Paint (Nason Paint was used)

2. New wings

3. New doors and door handles

New upper doors with sliding windows

5. New swing away tailgate

6. New windscreen (windshield)

7. New insulated Bonnet (hood)

8. New grill and headlamp surrounds

9. New high performance 6000K Luxeon LED Headlamps

10.New LED front and rear signal lamps

11.New front bumper with 4 LED DRL lamps

12.New wheel arches

13.New Rock Sliders with “trees”

14.New aluminum wing air vent

15.New door hinges

16.New side mirrors

17.New folding rear entry step

18.New locking fuel cap

19.New full surrey top (Black Mohair Custom Fit)

** New Custom complete full Softtop with side and rear windows included with Asking price (Custom top will be ordered once full payment is made. Completion time for top will be 4-6 weeks. The top is made from Mohair and is of high quality. Buyer will have the choice between a few color options for the top)

20.Full Tithonus Roll Cage Powder Coated


1. New front XS-leather Puma heated seats (seats have 1600 miles use)

2. New exmoor rear XS-leather jump seats(x4)

3. New completely re-upholstered dash

4. New Raptor binnacle and surround

5. Interior completely raptor lined inmatching Fuji white color

6. New Land Rover rubber floor mats

7. NAS Land Rover Leather steering wheel

8. New Tuffy locking center console

9. New VDO gauges (Speedometer with GPS,fuel, temp, voltage, and clock)

10.New genuine Land Rover ignition barrel with 2 new keys

11.New switches (wash/wipe,indicator-horn-headlamp dip switch, master lighting switch)

12.Fuse block upgraded to blade fuses

13.New Audio equipment to include: Pioneer AVH-3300NEX Flip Screen radio headunit, Kicker Hideaway enclosed Powered Subwoofer, Alpine KTP-445U 4-channelpower pack amplifier, Kicker CS series 5 ¼” front door speakers, PioneerTS-A460R 4” x 6” rear speakers)

Chassis andSuspension

1. Chassis was stripped down and mediablasted. There were no areas of concern regarding rust noted during the clean up phase of the chassis. Once blasted the metal was treated with metal prep and then two coats of POR15 was applied. Then another two coats of POR15 - “TopCoat” were applied to protect the finish from fading as well as ensuring a long lasting shine to the chassis.

2. New Terrafirma Pro sport + 2” Defender 110 suspension kit (kit includes front and rear springs and shocks)

3. New Terrafirma Tubular front shock Turrets and securing rings

4. New Terrafirma Steering damper

5. Aluminum Freestyle Wheels

6. Aluminum Wheel spacers

7. New BFG tires 265/75/16


1. New Stainless steel exhaust system(Magnaflow muffler and dual tipped stainless exhaust tailpipe)

2. New Fuel tank

3. New Fuel pump and filter

4. New fuel lines, pipes and hoses

5. New Door seal and Windshieldseal/gasket

6. New Decals and Aluminum Tithonus Badge

***All new Stainless Steel hardware or Grade 8 was used in the assembly where applicable.**

Shipping can be arranged door to door.

PRICE: $67,500 obo

I'm willing to look at partial trades for a 5 door 110 project truck as well since that will be my next build. If you have another complete project titled defender and are
interested in this Tithonus then feel free to PM me with what you have and we can chat more.

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I'm bumping this thread to add some new details. I originally posted that I'd be only interested in partial trades for a project 5 door 110, but during this past month of the listing I have had a couple really nice other partial trade offers and I would like to open my listing up for other possible trades as well. So feel free to pm me with any other trade options you may have. In the meantime, I'll be driving this bad boy around until it sells.....LOL



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I'm considering putting this truck on BAT and see how it pans out. I've never used BAT before so curious if ya'll think that is a good option. They already told me they would take it on their site, though I'm a bit skeptical based on much of my research.

Whether I do or not, I plan on having this truck sold by end of January so as I've posted before, feel free to pm me with cash offers or trade + cash offers. I've had various interesting trade offers so whatever you have, go for it and send it my way.

Uncle Douglas

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Was told they dictate the reserve based on site sale history.
No idea if thats the case but would give me pause.
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Thanks Doug. Yea, that's my biggest drawback. Kinda hard to allow someone else to set your reserve price.

Open to all offers and trade options plus cash.
Currently I'm almost more interested in getting a good trade plus cash as I'm currently looking for a new Daily driver as well as a project defender. If you have a nice daily and are interested in this Tith let me know what you have. If you have a defender in drivable condition yet a restoration project, no matter if its a 110, 90, 130, LHD, RHD or whatever, and are interested in this Tith then let me know what you have.



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Bumping with a New price ....... $59,500 obo :cool:

I found a project I want to buy so...........Show me the money 💵💰


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This truck will be going up for auction with no reserve sometime this week. A lot of things have have hit my family the past couple weeks and this truck must go. Great truck, get it at a great price!

All offers will be considered.


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Put large black zip ties around rear brake lines on axle, close to where they bend up to cylinders. Otherwise you will be in Utah, 40 miles out from anywhere, on dirt at 8,000 feet and lose rear brakes from vibration causing line to snap. Just sayin’.

Very well presenting truck!


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Put large black zip ties around rear brake lines on axle, close to where they bend up to cylinders. Otherwise you will be in Utah, 40 miles out from anywhere, on dirt at 8,000 feet and lose rear brakes from vibration causing line to snap. Just sayin’.

Very well presenting truck!

Will do. Good advice!!! Thanks