Finally mounted the tent


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Finally mounted the rooftop tent over the weekend. A Tepui Autana 3. The awning is an Eezi Awn 270° Manta, the rack is a full length First Generation (welded) FrontRunner Wind Cheetah. Side Mount Table, Gullwing Windows and Propane Bottle Carrier also from FrontRunner. The truck is equipped with a left rear wing water tank, a right rear wing aux fuel tank, National Luna Split Charger and an Engel MT45 Fridge Freezer



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Nice. I like that you reserved some rack space in the rear. I've avoided RTTs because of the cost and because they take so much of the rack away, but I finally got a RTT this summer and ended up building a lift in the garage to make it 'easy' to pull off. Getting it on is still going to be a bear because I actually have to lower the tent to the truck first, then pull the rack and tent up, then bolt it to the rack, then lower the whole back to the truck -- all because there isn't enough clearance to get the tool between the roof and rack to get it locked down.


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Thanks Ben,
I am fortunate that I have a 3 1/2 foot high concrete retaining wall I can get the truck next to. Cuts down on the lift distance. I built an 8 foot long 2x4 frame to slide the tent up from the high side of the wall. My wife and I can easily manage to slide the tent on the rack.
Just got back from a 3 week trip to Yellowstone and the Teton NP's. Great to see the Tetons again. I climbed the Grand Teton in 1993. On the return we swung through Stanley, Idaho and the Sawtooth's. A couple of rainy night in the Teton's but otherwise great weather