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The purpose of this thread is to capture Frequently Asked Questions so that someone can write about them in a separate thread. I will edit this first post as necessary to update the list. Once the question is answered in another thread, the FAQ question becomes a link.

This may be a crude organizational scheme but I assume our hosts will evolve it to something better if that proves necessary. I’ve adopted the headings from the Rovers North website because I believe these parallel the headings in Rover parts manuals.

Mods, please feel free to edit this post.

Q: How do you install an Espar/Eberspächer/Webasto fuel-burning heater?
Q: I want electric front windows, what can I do?
Q: How do I install a Safety Devices cage on a 110?
Q: How do I install a Safety Devices cage on a 130?
Q: what are some good tips for installing and wiring a winch?

Body Interior
Q: How do I install Puma-era jump seats in my earlier vehicle?
Q: How do I recover my headliner?

Body Exterior
Q: How do I convert my soft top to a station wagon or vice versa?
Q: How do I stop the rattling in my sliding side windows? (Garrison kit install)

Books, Manuals, etc
Q: Where do I find Land Rover pubs?
Q: Is there a good online source for Land Rover part numbers?
Q: Is there really a Land Rover manual about fixing water leaks?
Q: Where can I learn how to repair a cracked block with a drill, screws, and prairie grass?

Q: How do I convert my drum Salisbury to disc brakes?
A1: Using drum length axles and D90 calipers
A2: Using drum-length axles and D90 calipers and a lot more!
A3: Using drum-length axles and D110/130 calipers + spacer
A4: Using disc-length rear axles

Chassis and Bulkhead
Q: My rear crossmember looks like Swiss cheese, what can I do about that?
Q: Does galvanizing a bulkhead cause it to warp?
Q: What are the differences between NAS, TD5, and Puma bulkheads?

Q: Why is fluid dripping on the driver’s floor mat?
Q: Why does the clutch pedal not pop back out? (Hint: same as above)

Cooling and Heating
Q: How do you remove and replace the heater core? (Or upgrade to an Allisport core)
Q: Are there aftermarket alternatives to replace the heater blower?

Q: I hear a buzzing or vibration coming from under the truck, what is it?

Q: What are my options for upgraded gauges?
Q: What are the options for adding AC?

Q: How do I replace the timing belt on a 300tdi?
Q: What are my options for leaking diesel hoses (spill-back) on my Tdi?
Q: What if I wish my Defender had a Chevy inline-6?
Q: What if I wish my Defender had a Cummins R2.8?


Q: What other brands of oil filters are identical to ERR3340?

Q: How can I improve my nasty old fuel system? (200tdi)
Q: How do you re-time a 200/300tdi after removing the injection pump?
Q: How can I replace my carburetors on my 3.5 v8 with EFI or a newer carb?


Q: There is a loud banging coming from the rear end, what could it be?

Q: What are some good tips and tricks for rebuilding an LT230?
Q: How do you install a Slickshift short shift kit?
Q: How do you replace a transfer case with no lift on a gravel surface?

Q: Why are my wheel studs too short for my new wheels?
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