Defender 200TDI engine / R380 transmission / Allisport everything....kit


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Defender 200TDI engine / R380 transmission / Allisport Radiator & intercooler / VGT Turbo
Hello – I have over $8,300 in new/rebuilt parts alone in this engine and drivetrain….
Here's what is included…
Defender 200tdi engine – recently serviced, with new timing belt, gaskets, water pump, glow plugs, thermostat, and more… miles unknown, but she runs strong. (will include videos)
LT230 transfer case – recently serviced
Here’s what is new, or rebuilt…
Bosch Fuel Injection Pump – overhauled/rebuilt by Diamond Diesel in Oakland, CA ($1,381.52) – (include b/a pics)
100 Amp Bosch AL9346X – new
Allisport Double Core 200tdi Intercooler - new
Allisport Uprated 200TDI Radiator - new
Allisport TDI Oil Breather – new
Allisport Turbo Silicone Hose Set - new
Allisport Turbo Technics 200tdi VGT Uprated Turbocharger - new
Ashcroft Transmissions R380 Short Bellhousing transmission with – new
Heavy Duty Rear Support Bearings
R380 Diflock Linkage

Fourby Boost Ring – new
Fourby Boost Pin – new

Syncro Gearboxes R380 Slickshift (short throw shift kit)
Clutch Kit – Regular Duty Valeo – new
Clutch Release Level Arm – HD - new
Clutch Slave Cylinder – new
Fuel Pump – new
Brake Master Cylinder – new

Extras - New hoses, Gaskets, Bolt set, belts
Extra Oil, Fuel and Air Filter

EGT gauge / Speedometer / Tachometer - new
Heater Core – rebuilt

Total Asking Price $12,500 or best offer… (I have receipts for pretty much everything – all work has been done in the past 1.5 years, primarily by CT Motorwerks and Scully Offroad, and there are 3,000 or less miles on the parts..)

Everything you wanted to do upgrade with a 200tdi, i have done. For videos - check out my instagram page - @SplurGn

The engine will be pulled this month at Scully Offroad. Either Scully Offroad or Colin, CT Motorwerks, know this engine back and forth, and would be happy to do the install for you.


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BUMP - engine is coming out next week! If you are in Rancho Cordova - swing by Scully Offroad to check it out!


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Actually - it is registered in CA - just need something that goes faster - since i am a three hours drive away from all the fun stuff....