D110/LS/6L80 Owners: Ratio Question!


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I built my 6.2l 6L80E / 354 did, 33” rubber, with the 1.2 lt230 and I’d go 1.0 if I did it again.
Great info. Just the feedback I was hoping for. I feel very confident now to swap out the 1.222 with a 1.003 which I've seen advertised on ashcroft.

Btw, I've also seen ashcroft had a 0.90 ratio set for the lt230. They say it is for diesels, but it wasn't clear to me if that is because the typical defender engines don't have the power to handle it, or if there is something mechanical about the 0.9 that prevents it from working in other applications. I'm using the markiw adapter between the 6L80 and the lt230.


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I talked to a buddy and the torque converter lock up in the transmission is controlled by the internal transmission controller. The software that Nick supplies with the adapter harness should automatically enable it in sixth when not at wot