CV joints


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Years ago I filled my CV joints with the one shot grease....Well come to discover that when one shot grease disappears/evaporates/leaks (chose verb of your preference) unlike the old days with 90wt, there is no trace of the leak.

Only been doing short trips recently around town but there has been weird noises from the front left. Also when turning right it felt like the steering was fighting if the center diff was locked.
Having just pulled the truck back out again to get to the bottom of this. The chrome looked a little dry. Discover that the CV joint is empty. Used 90wt for the time being (inc WR). For now it seems good, with heightened vigilance during WR.

Crystal ball says a teardown to check for excess wear is in the near future....


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Bummer. Mine appear to be filled with a mixture of molly and 90wt. Left one is leaking pretty bad so im doing a reseal soon.


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I have always thought of One Shot as a field repair to get one home. If the ball is filled with gear oil it is bathing the insides with lubricant. If it has One Shot it is getting slung around from spinning part to wherever till it warms up. If it is super cold out it may take a while for its lubrication properties to be achieved but I could be overthinking this.


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You got a good point there JavelinDave. Poking around the interwebs have found some labeled CV joint grease with a temperature range only down to 0 deg C. No way in heck is that enough for us in North America.

The famous PTSchram posted this on Pirate about one shot grease: "Folks put the one shot in and drive thinking everything will be fine for eternity... Then one day, they hear a noise and discover they need hundreds of dollars of repairs because the grease leaked out just like the 90 wt. May have taken longer, but it still leaks out just the same.

90 wt and a good inspection program will take you further than grease. "


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The seals to the axles usually never hold anyway, so the whole mess gets mixed up.

Just get new CVs and put them in. They are cheap. The old ones are probably worn regardless. If you are going to run oil, remove the seals to the diff.