Christmas Dinner


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Not quite sure how my wife’s going to do everything, but it’s going to be great to have our family around the table once again.

My family in the UK has canceled all the get togethers. Between my three brothers and their 9 kids, there are 5 Covid positives.


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Maine lobbies Christmas eve and a bone-in (4 ribs) prime rib roast Christmas. Sides depends on what wife finds today while grocery shopping.


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I’ve decided on some of the meal. Going to start with some roasted tomato soup, arugula and white bean salad, and seared scallops. Still not sure on what meat I want to do for the main and also not sure on the pasta (or maybe eggplant parmigiana?)


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Sous's not the "cool" way, or the traditional way, but damn if it isnt the best way to get a thick steak cooked rare all the way through

I recommend a butane torch with a head like this for a great finish -

Otherwise, a piping hot cast iron does a great job too.
Good call. I have the Searzall and it's impressive. Some good uses other than finishing sous vide items too. I've used it to crisp up skin on a turkey and add color to some smoked chicken wings.


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Getting a head start today with the roasted tomato soup.

I was hoping to make porchetta, but none of the grocery stores had the cut of meat I wanted and the line for the butchers shop was around the block. I decided to just go with some classic meatballs in red sauce.


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We're doing homemade pasta as both a food and activity. I'll have a bunch of charcuterie and cheese out as apps, along with chips/salsa and meatballs. Wifey and I will make all the dough beforehand, ready for guests to roll/cut (or not, i'll make a bunch beforehand too). 1 batch of 50% semolina, 1 with spices in the dough (thyme/oregano/basil) and 1 with saffron in the dough. 3 types of sauce/toppings too: marinara, pesto and cacio e pepe. Honestly its easier than it sounds as it'll all be setup beforehand. People would just assemble as they please.
~20 or so of these 6-7oz batches, to roll out and cut into fettuccini




Just kept boiling water batches going to keep the people fed as we made it.


Pictured- pesto and Cacio e Pepe station (I used a mix of Parm, asiago and pecorino), not pictured- Marinara and Meatball (bison/pork/beef) station




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The eggs benedict plate could have used some berries. We did end up using sourdough rounds, which was a nice change from English muffins; much easier to cut through. Substituted country ham for the Canadian bacon, and really loved it. It was more flavorful and less greasy.


The goose:


And the plate. That's goose at 9:00, the homemade sauerkraut at the top of the hour, followed by roasted brussels and potato dumplings at 6:00. Sage stuffing in the middle. The long-standing comment in the family is that it's just about the brownest plate you'll ever see.


And finally pecan pie: