300 tdi production numbers


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Has anyone marked out the production curve on 300tdi LHD and ROW vehicles from 1994 to 2007?
i.e. what do U.S. eligible imports look like in 5, 10, 15 years for 110 Station Wagons. How many LHD 300 TDI's were made post-1999 when the TD5 came online? I know a South African fellow that managed to import a brand new (2007) 300tdi engine from Brazil (to SA) about 5 years ago to install in his 90. Any of those new ones still floating about? Perhaps these are questions for that fellow from LRWorkshop.


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LR production figures may or may not be accurate due to vehicles that were CKD'd plus of course not 100% of the production was 300 Tdi.
NAS Rovers being an example.
Military LR were often 200tdi to satisfy contractual requirements.
Total production as I've found so far 1995 27,600, 1996 31,724, 1997 36,169