I am replacing a Cam belt on my 300 TDI
I can not find a source for information on locating TDC for the crankshaft
On the front of the engine there is an Arrow. The only indicator on the Crankshaft is the wooddrift key for the pulley. Is this TDC?

I have an Ashcroft autotrans so there is no indicator visible where the flywheel would be on an manual 380 or lt77. and no way to insert the lock out tool

How do I find TDC for an autotrans?

Many thanks ...


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Contact RDavisinVA on the forum. He makes and sells a tool.
There is an inspection plate on the front of the transmission/back of the engine (behind the oil pan) that you can insert the timing pin tool into. You thread the tool into the larger hole of the inspection plate. There are holes in the flywheel that the pin can drop into. Check the injection pump that it is correct, you might be 180 degrees out.


Thanks you for the response.
I assume you mean the larger of the two holes that hold the inspection plate on....Correct?

Also I can feel around bit and I can feel a hole on the back of the fly wheel( Close but not perfectly aligned with the woodrift key)

You mentioned Holes .. Plural? Is there more than 1 hole on the back of the fly wheel? Cause how do you know which is which?

Also finally I have my rocker assembly off right now. I assume this is proper procedure To be installed after the Crank is TDC.. Correct?

1, Pump is set with the pin and in position
2, Cam is aligned with hash mark



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Download and read the factory workshop manual. It answers all your questions.... Do not change the timing belt based on internet advice.