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  1. chris snell

    Camel Trophy Brush Guards

    Semi-gloss black powdercoat is closer to the original color than satin, for what it's worth.
  2. chris snell

    New Safety Devices roof rack

    Beautiful truck.
  3. chris snell

    300Tdi injector leaking

    Are you guys running the black rubber insulated engine cover thing? I've had to trim mine back quite a bit. I wonder if the lines get messed up when that thing gets pulled off.
  4. chris snell

    300Tdi injector leaking

    That yellow stuff is exactly what I was using before going Viton. Worked great.
  5. chris snell

    300Tdi injector leaking

    Can you link me to the tube?
  6. chris snell

    300Tdi injector leaking

    Update: BlendDoor got back to me super quickly. He said that he thinks he got a bad batch in mid-2020 and suspects pandemic-related QC issues. He's sending me some replacement line. NIce guy and fast response. We'll see how it goes. That said, I still want to kill this problem once and for...
  7. chris snell

    300Tdi injector leaking

    Also, what's the plastic to use if you want to do the melt-on semi-rigid style? I am so sick of dealing with these. This makes three spill line failures on my truck. Want to fix it once and for all.
  8. chris snell

    300Tdi injector leaking

    Well, this is disappointing. I was driving down the road today and smelled diesel. I immediately suspected the spill lines (been there, done that) and sure enough, the green fabric on one of them was dark, soaked with diesel, and diesel was pouring out of both ends of the line. Both ends were...
  9. chris snell

    NAS 110 #145

  10. chris snell

    Show Off Your Shop/Garage

    Now this is what I'm interested in seeing. I want my garage to look like a paint booth. I had this back in Kansas and it was awesome. I could work in the dark of night.
  11. chris snell

    Show Off Your Shop/Garage

    This is every Land Rover tech video on Youtube. Love it. Me and some buddies tore my 110 down out in the PNW winter rain under a pop-up awning outside the mini-storage unit that held Defenders Northwest back in the day. But, I digress. Back to the, uhhhhh, garage porn.
  12. chris snell

    Show Off Your Shop/Garage

    That term makes me cringe...
  13. chris snell

    Show Off Your Shop/Garage

    Who here has a really sweet shop/garage for working on Rovers? Would love to see some pics and get some ideas. Especially interested in nice floor finishes, bright lighting, storage, etc.
  14. chris snell

    Welcome to NAS-ROW

    So, we're coming up on the five year anniversary of NAS-ROW this fall. Crazy how time flies. The site has been getting busier and busier, which blows my mind. We never expected that we'd make it three months, but folks came and stuck around. We are rapidly approaching the point (maybe there...
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    If you can't find it here, post one up here. I would love to read it but don't want to catch a STD by visiting that other site.
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  17. chris snell

    Silicone Hose Kits - Which to get?

    That’s great, but last time I ordered from Allisport, it took a year and a half (maybe longer….) to get my product. Great products but horrible, worst-of-breed customer service.
  18. chris snell

    Silicone Hose Kits - Which to get?

    Thanks for the tip on Stoney Racing. Just ordered the LHD heater box hoses that Silicon Hoses didn't have back when I ordered the rest. Also ordered silicone for the crankcase breather, just so I'm matchy-matchy. Now if I could only find a silicone version of the bleed hose...
  19. chris snell

    The Very Best Thread

    Yet another use for Ballistol: lubricating zippers. The zippers on my ex-MODs soft top were nearly inoperable after almost seven years of dust and grime buildup. I hit them with a little Ballistol and they operate better now than they did brand new. Amazing stuff.