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  1. rover4x4


    Saw footage of it on the course at Goodwood yesterday, looks awesome!!! The V8 Nufender 90 was impressive.
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    Seems like lots of switches, probably a good thing? My DD has one of those little selector knobs and it gives me the willies.. There is hope with the Grenadier, likely out my price range regardless of how it arrives (if).
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    The Very Best Thread

    Muckboots, specifically the "Wetland" model are my go to. I use Superfeet insoles in lieu of the factory offering.
  4. rover4x4

    Ford Flex, or D130...?

    Another worthless "SUV" clogging the roadways...
  5. rover4x4

    Various parts for sale

    DI underseat covers please.
  6. rover4x4

    Camel Trophy Brush Guards

    Surely "these" could be replicated domestically?
  7. rover4x4

    What's with sliders these days?

    Psyoptic are likely the strongest out there
  8. rover4x4

    Congratulations Z.G!

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    What's For Dinner Tonight While Housebound?

    We've had a good run with the softshell crabs, 140yo frying pan does a great job!
  10. rover4x4

    Recommendation for seat covers (or wtb)

    I had a set of Badgers and sold them when I got Kexbys, the Badgers fit perfectly. They are the best.
  11. rover4x4

    What have you done to your DEFENDER today?

    brake, swivel and coolant flush, long over due. Motive bleeders are really handy
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    Bring a Trailer Defender Auction Criticism

    177k lol no Axle breather and the exhaust from the n/a 2.5 diesel
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    New Defender with mods

    $120k+ for this thing, clapped out RRC with a detroit locker will outclass the nufender any day
  14. rover4x4

    No more clunking? Anyone tried solid halfshafts?

    Years ago I fiddled with "handed" springs from Expedition Exchange, I believe I have the "taller" 764s on the rear of my truck, I am using DII "isolaters" on the rear and rubber shock tower rings up front. My passenger side sat a little higher, but I have not measured in years. I will measure...
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    The Very Best Thread

    Butter is health food, he should try some steel cut oats and go for a walk in the evenings.
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    I've had enough of this crap.

    Caught me off guard before I had my wits about me, good one Chris
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    What's your day job?

    Which island? Are you the NAS 90 on St. John?
  18. rover4x4

    GEMS MAF Sensor

    I've done my Lucas sensors several time and one GEMS with no issues. I used an electrical aerosol from CRC.. ymmv
  19. rover4x4

    Rock auto brands for brakes

    I've used Centric rotors and pads on several different cars over the years and have been pleased