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  1. rover4x4

    KM2 245/75-16

    "New" KM2, probably little use to anyone but I thought I would offer it. Its been in my carport closet for like 4 years. $175 shipped?
  2. rover4x4

    255/85 /16 KM's

    Getting new shoes on my 90 in the next couple of weeks and not sure what to do with the old tires. I believe the date codes are from 2007. Tires have some cracking but hold air and have 70% tread. Any interest before I burn them?
  3. rover4x4

    relay power

    What is preferred power source for relays? Considering gutting my auxiliary lighting wiring adding a blue sea fuse box and relocating relays to seat box. Currently everything is stuffed in the dash and has been fine until recently... IIRC I tapped into the cigarette lighter circuit to power...
  4. rover4x4

    LR3 diff issues

    I've read and heard a bit about failures in these trucks. Do they fail magically or are they especially sensitive to fluid changes. What's the recommended interval. How hard is it to replace the differential? Seems easy,maybe even less bolts than a third memeber
  5. rover4x4

    Hunter :: 1991 Range Rover Hunter

    Hunter :: 1991 Range Rover Hunter (2017-01-04 08:25:13)
  6. rover4x4

    Green Bean :: 1995 Land Rover Defender

    Green Bean :: 1995 Land Rover Defender (2017-01-04 08:15:08)