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  1. Airbalancer

    Stock front differential 10 spline

    Front differential removed from a 1988 110 for rebuild. Approx. 130k miles on it. $100
  2. Airbalancer

    Ignition switch

    I changed over the ignition switch in my 1988 110 to a later type so the key matches the doors. Does anyone want or need the old one for a spare? Has two keys and worked fine. 10 bucks shipped.
  3. Airbalancer

    SP4x4 Puma Doors

    I picked up set of the puma doors from SP4x4 today that we ordered a couple months ago. Well worth the wait IMO. The only reason it took so long was a delay getting one of them from Land Rover. They had a couple shipping options and we chose to pick them up at the airport which was considerably...
  4. Airbalancer

    Puma Door Parts List

    Does anyone have a parts catalog for 2007 and up Defenders. I'm looking for a list of part numbers for the newer style puma doors. I haven't had any luck finding them online. Maybe someone has a PDF or can take a pic of the door page. Thanks
  5. Airbalancer

    Annoying vent noise

    Ever since we got this car it made this irritating noise with the vents open when you reached 50 MPH or so. I finally found a way to track it down :)
  6. Airbalancer

    LT-77 Tunnel Cover

    LT-77 Tunnel cover from a 1988 CSW. Both pieces in good condition just a bit greasy underneath. $100 plus shipping or pick up in Western MA. Cheers