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    Sold : Practically New ROW Defender Workshop Manual For Sale

    I picked up this ROW Defender Workshop manual but decided the 110 I imported was too much of a project to complete and let it go to a better home. So I have this practically brand new manual for sale. It weights about 5 pounds if you want to figure shipping from 80113. 1983 to 1992 Model Year...
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    Calling Uncle Douglas

    Doug, Checking in on the status of the Defender bound for Denver that landed around 8-8. I am not sure if my email or voice mail made it your way. Thank you, Sean
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    Shipping Recomendation

    Looking for companies you have used and were happy with to assist with transport from the port in Baltimore to CO. My 110 was loaded on the ship and it has set sail. UD is in charge of the heavy lifting on the import, so I do not expect any issues with customs. Now I need to find transport...
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    Paint Color Option by year

    Is there a list of the Paint color options for a particular year? I am trying to do some research on a 1991 110 that looks like a faded, oxidized, neglected Marine Blue but I want to be sure before I have some wheels painted to match the body. It is in route right now and will need a good...
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    Importing Question (VIN)

    Good morning, I tried to do a quick search on this but did not see it called out. If I am looking at a UK based 110 it needs to be numbers matching and 25 years old to make it to the US. My question is will the VIN be the same for the Frame, the Engine, and the Bulkhead plate exactly or are...