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  1. logan_gibson

    Brush Guard

    I believe this is for a RRC, however I am not sure. Located in Alabama, 35907. Not sure on the value, has some rust spots pictured where the powder coat is flaking. I would prefer it to be picked up, rather than shipped.
  2. logan_gibson

    RRC (I think) RTC7737 Bandpass Subwoofer

    Picked this up in a large lot of parts I bought. Not really sure if it is worth anything to anyone, so make an offer and I can toss it in the mail. a/d/s/ Range Rover RTC7737 Bandpass Subwoofer MDF has some wear in the corners, I have never powered this up or opened it up, Standoffs are...
  3. logan_gibson

    Misc Defender/RRC/D1 Parts

    Picked up a lot of Defender, RRC, and D1 parts from a local guy clearing out his shop. Just starting to go through it all. RRC Suspension Control Unit AMR3234 - $75 shipped Discovery 1/2 Center cupholders - $45 shipped 14CUX Refurbished Lucas Ecu, PRC 9060R - sold RRC Grill - make offer...