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    Lhd 90 side intake grill

    Thanks fellas
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    Parts clean out

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    Parts clean out

    Shipped price on springs to NC?
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    Lhd 90 side intake grill

    The trucks led a hard life
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    Lhd 90 side intake grill

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    Lhd 90 side intake grill

    Looking for a side wing grill cover for my NAS 90 Anybody? thanks
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    WTB 300 Tdi Intercooler

    I’ve got a couple here in NC
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    RT Cranked rear links and Donaldson FRG Air Cleaner FS

    Where are you located?
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    Colorado road trip prep. 300tdi

    Man. I gotta know about a 35x10.50x16 tire......?
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    1988 LHD White Soft Top 90

    Where is the car? I’ve got a friend who’s hinting for one for his wife’s bday present.
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    What have you done to your DEFENDER today?

    Built a structural frame for my recently acquired oem canvas. Next step, make new mounts for the tent.
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    Alternator woes

    Morning all. 95 300 tdi. Been getting sporadic battery light and the Tach is all over the place. Wired adigital volt read out to the battery and seeing pretty eradicate readings between 12.2 and 13.8 when driving. Guessing the alternator is on its way out? The question. Where can I get one in...