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  1. LostChord

    Hub Flange Leaking

    Hub cap on the flange split and started leaking. No fluid on the backside of the wheel. Thoughts on whether it's just the cap, or the seal should be replaced as well?
  2. LostChord

    Rivet Tool Recommendations

    What's a good recommendation for a hand held or pneumatic?
  3. LostChord

    Sonos One SL Shadow Edition Speakers

    Mods, wasn't sure where to put this, so please move as needed. Selling these on behalf of my daughter, who received them as a gift. She is a college student who would rather have money instead of music. New Sonos One SL Shadow Edition Wireless Smart Speaker Two Pack B20SLUS1SDHB. Unopened in...
  4. LostChord

    Gearbox Serial Number Identification

    So, after a bit of searching, I'm still not sure of the answer on my gearbox setup. The prefix is 50A ('longstick defender") and suffix L. Trying to get a handle on the gearing inside. Anyone know?
  5. LostChord

    Clutch Failure Confirmed

    200Tdi/ rebuilt R380 stumpy from Ashcroft with 10k miles, and original 1.6 TC. Almost all of the mileage was in town, high traffic driving, i.e., lots of shifting. Thought I'd share a recent problem, and the fix that's now on the horizon. Symptoms: I could shift through all gears no problem...
  6. LostChord

    Vehicle Wheel Dollies

    Looking for a set in order to move the truck around while it's in the garage. Any recommendations? Pricing seems to be all over the map. Thanks.
  7. LostChord


    How does the average investor buy Bitcoin? I've got what I'd call a healthy understanding of finance and investing, but admittedly, know very little about crypto-currency. I tend to diversify asset classes, and when it comes to the stock market, I generally stick to mutual funds. I have limited...
  8. LostChord

    Power Bleeders

    Have a leaky master brake cylinder and either need to replace the rubber grommets or the whole thing, and then bleed the system. Any recommendations on a power bleeder?
  9. LostChord

    Early 110 Frame Horns Question

    Do they all look like this? Specifically, the 'tabs' that bow out slightly over the opening in the photo (about 1:00 in relationship to the recovery ring). Wondering if they will get in the way of an aftermarket bumper like an ARB.
  10. LostChord

    Floor jacks

    Have any favorites? Which ones to avoid? Thanks!
  11. LostChord

    And here we go - Billowing White Smoke

    And here we go - Billowing White-ish Smoke Well, it ain't no banjo bolt this time. 200Tdi. Driving two of the girls home tonight, and we were all saying to each other that something smelled. Similar to the smell of rubber that's burning, and a bit like the smell associated with the normal...
  12. LostChord

    Transmission Leak?

    #%^*!# 200Tdi, R380-stumpy, LHD So, driving home today and noticed a new smell, quite different than the usual aroma of diesel...Land Rover communication. Checked under the truck and had a nice reddish-clear puddle (though I'm colorblind :) ) on the ground. Wiped it all down and let the truck...
  13. LostChord

    110 SW Mid Crossmember (Front Tub Support) Replacement

    Anyone ever done this in-situ? With the YRM replacement ( , seems it can be done without lifting the body up or off. Thinking something along the lines of: - Remove middle row floor - Cut and remove old crossmember...
  14. LostChord

    Rear AC - Sort Of

    Redneck style - for the dog. Not recommended while vehicle is in motion. :)
  15. LostChord

    Interior Door Trim (Part Duex)

    Also looking for this piece or part number. It is the plastic piece that sits atop the door card next to the window. In the picture of the rear door, the small pane of glass that doesn't roll down (on the right in the photo) has it in place. The longer section for the window that does roll...
  16. LostChord

    Interior Door Trim Piece

    Looking for an interior door trim piece (or part number) for older-style, rear lift-up, roll-up door. Not the escutcheon, but the (two-part?) trim piece that goes around it. Missing the bottom half. Thanks!
  17. LostChord

    200Tdi Oil Filter - Wrench

    In case you ever need to know the measurements of a 200Tdi oil filter, and you don't have one handy...say, while you're at the auto parts store, and you're curious if the shiny new oil filter wrench that's on sale will fit your Land Rover, completely ignoring thoughts about any other vehicles...
  18. LostChord

    ROW Steering Wheel - Cover

    For those who like the old school feel of the giant early ROW steering wheels, (or don't have power steering :D), but want to update with a cover or wrap, such as those from, the measurements are: Diameter: roughly 42.5cm (~16.73 inches) Circumference of the outer ring: roughly...
  19. LostChord

    Prop Shaft - GBR vs Tom Woods

    Any thoughts / experiences with one over the other?
  20. LostChord

    Front Axle Casing - Plug?

    Any idea why this plug on my front axle casing would have a zerk-type fitting on it??