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  1. Rwollschlager

    Battery Tools Deals

    Ordered, thanks!
  2. Rwollschlager

    2.5 NA Diesel Starter, IP, Injectors, and MORE!!!

    It’s all long gone, sorry.
  3. Rwollschlager

    RRC 3-Spoke Set (4) Take off - near new

    These are a killer deal.
  4. Rwollschlager

    how does a D90 soft top hoop set differ from a Series one?

    Hoops themselves might be the same but the trucks are different lengths in the tub and they have very different windshield header bars
  5. Rwollschlager

    Land Rovers That Suck
  6. Rwollschlager

    Battery Tools Deals

    Awesome! From your posts I picked up one of the 20v fans, great for summer camping and getting my charcoal going. I also picked up a 12” bar 20v chainsaw and it single handedly cleared the way for our group on Florida Rd a few weeks ago, really great piece of equipment for the price.
  7. Rwollschlager

    Tool Deals Thread

    I’ve had this happen and can confirm it’s about as fun as it sounds. I will have to start using the nato cans!
  8. Rwollschlager

    Craigslist Finds

    Someone on Facebook reached out to me trying to sell a set of Michelin XCL’s on ANR4636. The price seems high but I haven’t seen XCL’s for sale in forever. Could be good for a military or camel collector. They’re on marketplace:
  9. Rwollschlager

    NAS 110 #145

    For a 110 I hope?
  10. Rwollschlager

    Bought a Gladiator diesel...

    really interested to hear your long term thoughts on this (don’t tell my rovers)
  11. Rwollschlager


    What’s the code? I missed the email Edit: just kidding, went to the site, order placed!
  12. Rwollschlager

    defender wooden model wanted

    Be on the lookout: these have been showing up at Costco’s
  13. Rwollschlager

    LOF HD rear half shafts?

    I sure hope they fit an RRC/disco 1 otherwise I just got some thiccc paperweights. The drive flanges are thin to work with alloys.
  14. Rwollschlager

    LOF HD rear half shafts?

    To follow up with this, customer service was great, Luke contacted me back and shared that the material UK spec is 708M40/CFS11, which according to google and an engineer friend pretty good. For the price I decided to give them a shot and they arrived today. I took some comparison photos with a...
  15. Rwollschlager

    Michelin XZL 8.25R16 - Brand New
  16. Rwollschlager

    LOF HD rear half shafts?

    Bump for updates. Did anyone order these? I suddenly have a need...
  17. Rwollschlager

    2020 Defender Accessories Thread

    This slogan was first used on the camel trophy Freelanders. I can’t see why anyone would want to be associated with that.
  18. Rwollschlager

    Is Joel (Crown14) ok?

    He’s alive and well on social media still
  19. Rwollschlager

    110 or LWB RRC frame

    Someone on the Chicago Land Rover club Facebook page just posted a LWB classic frame for sale today