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  1. hillstrubl

    Any D3's for sale? - NE preferred but would consider traveling

    Not for me, but somebody related to my sister's husband. He's looking for a runner that isn't a basketcase, so higher mileage is ok as long as maintenance occurred. Basically the one I sold a few months ago would have been perfect... he has cash in hand, but will wait for the right one...
  2. hillstrubl

    New in box, 22" Blackstone Plancha (Griddle) - $75

    Never opened! New in box, shipping from Philadelphia - $75 + shipping (or send me a label)
  3. hillstrubl

    TF873 - Terrafirma Defender 110 2" receiver hitch - new, never installed - $150 OBO

    Going a different way, ordered this and it's still sitting in the bubble wrap. Includes everything you'd need. Shipping from Philly (or can meet within a reasonable distance). Fits 110s up to 1998 I can post actual pics of mine in this weekend, but its literally this wrapped in bubble wrap...
  4. hillstrubl

    cubby box?

    I think its finally time to ditch my front middle row seat, who's got a cubby box collecting dust?
  5. hillstrubl

    Salisbury slow leak - cover options?

    I have a very slow weeping leak from my rear axle, a single drip every few days or so but only when its driven. It appears to be coming from either the drain plug itself or its coming out from the cover/gasket. It's definitely not the bearing on the driveshaft, then leaking down. I tried to...
  6. hillstrubl

    Rear fog wiring confusion...

    Ever since I got my 110 about a year ago, the rear fog hasn't worked. I never looked into it until today when I assumed it was just a bad bulb. When I pulled the lens cover the bulb was fine and the connection surfaces were good enough. Here's where I'm confused. A test light illuminates if: a)...
  7. hillstrubl

    Steel wheel lug nuts (20 of them)

    I treated them with ospho twice, then naval jelly overnight once. 3 coats of high temp scratch resistant enamel (used for BBQ's, etc). $40 shipped to most of USA or $25 if you send me a label.
  8. hillstrubl

    UPS 40% off shipping code "EASY" still works I thought it was going to expire but I used it yesterday.
  9. hillstrubl

    Florida travel - any reccos? - the whole state is booked apparently

    Looking to spend a week in Florida in the near future, but it seems like the entire state is booked... I have a family of 5 with 3 little kids, ideally if we can avoid a car and walk to the beach. I was looking at hotel/resorts on the west coast but EVERYTHING seems to be booked or its basically...
  10. hillstrubl

    5 x OEM NAS90 wheels (16")

    A friend who doesn't use forums has asked me to list his OEM wheels off of his NAS90. They're all in pretty good shape with expected scuffs and wear from ~25 years of light use. They were original to his truck which has about 90K on it. I'll add more pics once he sends them to me, but here's...
  11. hillstrubl

    WTB - good condition 8" Android tablet (not a fire)

    My little guy broke his screen on his Fire HD (8") the other day, I replaced the screen but it looks like the damage took out the bottom half of the digitizer too. This isn't worth fixing further. I want to avoid another fire because of the effort to de-amazon it (and constantly having to re-do...
  12. hillstrubl

    Wheeler Dealers - S16E12 - Series 3

    Just a heads up, the latest episode of Wheeler Dealers is a '76 Series 3 Diesel. Yes there are a lot of crazy things from cost to issues, but more land rovers on TV are better than less land rovers.
  13. hillstrubl

    Rusty nuts?

    This is weird... 6 months old or so, both of my front wheels look like this. What's weirder is the rears seem fine. I'm likely going to order the galvy ones from (thanks for the recco @jymmiejamz ) but I wanted to get the community's take on what's the cause of this? Yes...
  14. hillstrubl

    Please read this - (hard to read)

    Short version: My sister's senior prom date and good friend was diagnosed with a brain tumor 2 years ago. He's had a lot of cognitive issues with both the tumor itself and the treatment. During Covid, he eventually moved back in with his parents. 2 weeks ago his mom died of pneumonia, 3 days...
  15. hillstrubl

    Battery charger recommendations

    I had this old one that I bought in high school. A jeep I just sold with a bad battery finally killed it (loud pop and now no worky). Any recommendations? I don't need float/maintain as I also have this, just raw charge (jump might be nice too as I just gave away my jump box with said jeep)...
  16. hillstrubl

    ROW style Defender soft top rail - RRC8597 - $100 OBO + ship

    looks to be in great shape, just a bit dirty.
  17. hillstrubl

    Visors that... fall

    Both of my sun visors seem ok, until you start driving. Hit a bump (worse when it's warm) and they fall down. I made it less temperamental over the summer when I removed them, pulled the shafts out a bit then but a thin film of clear silicone on them then reinstalled. I might just do that again...
  18. hillstrubl

    Wikipedia help... need an existing writer/poster/editor

    Does anybody here have any experience posting/editing articles on wikipedia? I'm looking to get something created, but a new account will always be rejected... Please PM me if you can help? I already have the template for what I'd like posted, I'll buy you a beer/coffee/taco (virtually/e-card of...
  19. hillstrubl

    LR3 18" 10 spoke alloy wheel, new in box Curt hitch, Lamin-X amber headlamp film

    For sale, LR3 Curt hitch, New in box, never removed or installed $150 + ship (OBO). 10 spoke Alloy 18" OEM Wheel (tire is already removed), no center cap - $125 + ship (OBO). Lamin-X amber film for LR3 headlamp $25 + ship - All items located in NW Philly suburbs.
  20. hillstrubl

    Really good pickles

    This is totally random, but I wanted to post about an online pickle (and olive) shop that I'm obsessed with. When I lived in Manhattan (and they had a brick and mortar store there) I was a regular. I no longer live there nor do they have a store anymore, its all online. Check out...