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    Recommendation for seat covers (or wtb)

    I love my Knightsbridge covers, I have them on two rigs and ordering for the third
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    Puma hood

    I am working on a ls swap, and my clearance is real tight, I am contemplating going with a puma hood. I see fiberglass as well as metal options. Rovers north has one that looks to be steel? Would you guys go with fiberglass or metal. If metal, where they originally steel? Thanks
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    Safari gard tire carrier instructions please??

    I got it second hand, must be dumb because it doesn’t look self explanatory, much different than Mantec I have put on before
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    Safari gard tire carrier instructions please??

    Just hoping to see if anyone has anything or pictures close up if one installed. Many pics in internet but not much close up
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    Safari gard tire carrier instructions please??

    I have acquired a used safari gard tire carrier for my hard top ROW 90. Does anybody have any instructions or advice for install? I know they were mainly used on Nas soft tops but hoping to make it work. Cheers ian
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    Random Bits

    Can I buy two clutch block off plates?
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    LS into 1987 EXMOD 110

    what ratio did you use for the lt230
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    D90/110/130 Dash Dock

    Samer! you are awesome! thanks for making these. I have been looking forward to getting one of these for sometime. Happy they are available. Reserve me one please! cheers ian
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    Looking at Go Kart options for my kids...

    so i have three boys that are real active 6,9 and 11. I bought the polaris ranger 150 for my kids. It has been fantastic. i hear what you say about the suspension, but this allows for a younger one to be in there and learn how to drive while they are a passenger. it is only two wheel drive...
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    removing shifter knob advice RRC

    Pictures are great! I put my switches in the same spot for locker, now I need to go back in there because I think I put the wrong bulb in there for the shift indicator. my letters are hot to touch, does anybody know the correct bulb?
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    removing shifter knob advice RRC

    Thanks for all the help, ending up getting it all apart and changing out the illumination strip, that was a little bit of a pain. The shifter kept wanting to pull on the new strip laterally. Ended up relieving the plastic bezel and it all went back together.
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    removing shifter knob advice RRC

    Ok guys, can't figure out how to get the knob off the shifter. Need to replace the illumination strip. I already managed to break the nice wood cover of the shifter, previous owner had super glued it together. Wonder if there is a replacement for that as well. Thanks in advance! Ian
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    I will be off till June 15, last night the governor asked all dentists in Oregon to not see patients except for emergencies. Donated 700 masks to the ER today and several boxes to the pharmacies in town. One gal got teary eyed as I handed the boxes over. It’s going to be rough. Lots of...
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    Arb compressor install, rrc

    You are awesome thank you!!
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    Arb compressor install, rrc

    In an effort to stop the spread of covid19, I find myself at home working on some rover projects these next few weeks. I started my locker install of an arb rear. My question is where I steal power for the switches, looks like I need a switched power wire and illuminated circuit. Anybody...
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    Parts and stuff

    I will take the rear seat! Pm sent
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    110 Ambulance FS in NC 47K miles

    Here is another version for 17K
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    Various parts, some UNUSUAL!

    I am interested in that front runner rack for my rrc, would you be willing to take it apart to ship? I am in oregon
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    SOLD - Nolden/Great Light/Pilot GL-180 LED Headlamp Set

    do they come with the wiring and rings, or just the lights? cheers ian