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  1. Frobisher

    After-market seat heaters?

    Hi all, I’m looking to warm up the ride in my 95 Disco, so do you have any recommendations on seat heaters/warmers to install? My Disco has holes for the switches under the window switch cover, but that’s where it ends. I’ll be wiring them in myself, so I’m looking for something that will...
  2. Frobisher

    Transmission cooler actually cooling?

    I recently found my transmission cooler leaking on my 95 Disco. Not the lines but the actual cooler - so I replaced it with a cooler from Will Tillery. Mine was really shot and rusted through, so I'm curious if my replaced one really is cooling way more or if it's just my imagination. The...
  3. Frobisher

    Series high/low knob fit a D1 cdl?

    With all this spare time these days, I was thinking, does the red knob on the Series high/low shifter fit a D1 cdl shifter? It’s a little difficult finding threading specifics for it, but I figured somebody here would likely know. Has anybody ever swapped it out, or does that just seem dumb?
  4. Frobisher

    Window ECU pain

    So, I cooked the original window ecu in my 95 Disco last Fall (after fixing the classic cracked solder joint the year before) and replaced it with a slightly newer one. The "newer" one, as in maybe a 1996 or 98 even thought the circuit board is stamped 1993, doesn't seem to allow the plug to...