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  1. CDN38

    VIN plate query

    In the never-ending quest for useless Defender trivial information... and curiosity. Anyone know why some VIN plates have the characters of the VIN embossed (pushed up from the underside of the plate) and some are engraved from the top side? This struck me as I was looking through some old BAT...
  2. CDN38

    Genuine Ripple Gray Headliner material soon to be NLA

    The manufacture and supply of Genuine Ripple Grey headliner I have been providing is going to be coming to and end in the near future. The manufacturer I work with (who is the actual manufacturer that supplies it to JLR) has only a few rolls left in inventory, and is no longer making the...
  3. CDN38

    Nicest one yet!

    Finished this panel off for a client today. Upholstered in Ebony Black Alston (Alcantara) to match an Adventure Edition headliner. There is absolutely no stretch in this material, yet the upholstery still is wrapped neatly around the complex curves. No seams, no folds or wrinkles. How is this...
  4. CDN38

    Genuine Ripple Grey Headliner Material

    I have more Genuine Head Liner material coming in, stock should be available in about 2 weeks. Message me for details if you are interested. I already have several people reserving material. 110 requires 5.5 yards ($210) 90's and double cabs require 3.6 yards ($140) Recovering your headliner...
  5. CDN38

    36 spline Puma XS Leather Wrap Steering Wheel

    36 spline Superb condition Puma XS leather wrap steering wheel. Pictures say it all, this wheel is mint. See the link below to confirm the spline count for your Defender. (36 spline is pretty rare to find in tis style of leather wrapped wheel)...
  6. CDN38

    Old school key blanks

    Old school key blanks for sale. They aren't the long ago discontinued Genuine STC4798 as shown in the plastic bag, but as close as you'll get to it as you can see from the one on top of the bag. (I just can't bring myself to open and use that last remaining Genuine key... yes, I have a...
  7. CDN38

    Rear Speaker Panel

    Last group run of speaker panels I made one additional to have available for sale. It's all packaged up and ready to ship. The system fits a 6 1/2" speaker, installation is simple, results and quality are excellent. Group pricing applies as I made this with the last group run. $525 including...
  8. CDN38

    New headliner material - Ripple Grey

    I have available brand new Genuine Ripple Grey headliner material to re-cover headliners for Defender 110's, 90's, single and double cabs. The new material does not have the sponge foam backing on it (which is the cause for all the sagging headliners) As the foam breaks down from heat, in a few...
  9. CDN38

    Upper rear speaker panel for 110's and 90's

    Speaker placement has always been an issue in Defenders, especially in the rear. With a flimsy panel already there, at best it could fit a 5" speaker, but isn't actually strong enough to hold the driver, and the space is too shallow. It's truly the best spot for speakers in the rear, up out of...
  10. CDN38

    Classic upper panels

    Black upper panels, both inner and outer. No tears in the vinyl, good used condition. $175 + shipping
  11. CDN38

    Classic goodies

    Grill (in very good condition) upper dash and a couple other dash pieces. $200 + shipping
  12. CDN38

    NAS 110 photos of stock rear speaker housing

    Looking for some photos if anyone can post them, of the stock rear speaker housing from a NAS 110. It's a different configuration than the 90, as the roll cage goes through the side of the rear fender, and then through the tub floor. The panel has to go around that somehow. Looking to see how...
  13. CDN38

    JB 110DC... driving impressions

    Finally, someone drives one of these James Bond Double cabs and actually talks about it... yeah, he uses some correct adjectives "road presence" "behemoth"... but I like when he talks about squishing a super car with it! LOL Enjoy...
  14. CDN38


    cool video on the evolution from 1948 to 2016
  15. CDN38

    ?3million in engines stolen from Solihull plant.... Amazing. That takes some major balls... I've been there and security is usually VERY tight. Loads of security gates, guards at the front entrance. The place is an absolute maze of huge buildings, they...
  16. CDN38

    NAS90 AC panel

    NAS 90 AC panel, as shown in photo $100 + shipping
  17. CDN38

    110 CSW Extension Panel

    Genuine panel. New, has a small scratch in the e-coat. Brand new, never installed Part number MRC6436 for right hand side $40 + shipping
  18. CDN38

    Build thread in Technical section?

    Any thoughts of starting a Truck Build and Restoration section in the technical section if the forum?
  19. CDN38

    2000 Land Rover Defender 110 Td5

    2000 Land Rover Defender 110 (2016-12-19 14:44:26)
  20. CDN38

    1400 Original miles NAS D90

    Had to post this gorgeous NAS 90. 1400 original miles... WOW! What a shame, for such an amazing original example, with almost no miles, to change the original engine. WTF?? Still, it's got to be one of the best examples of "original" out there...