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  1. chris snell

    Riverhead NY / Long Island

    Do I have any friends near Riverhead NY, out on Long Island? Looking at a dirt bike out there.
  2. chris snell

    A Gringo Honeymoon

    A short travel vignette by Texas music legend Robert Earl Keen. I hope that you enjoy this as much as I did.
  3. chris snell

    I've had enough of this crap.

    We've tried to give everyone the benefit of the doubt here, but some people just don't listen. Read this guy's posts and convince us why we should not ban him.
  4. chris snell

    Watch people

    What are some good, trustworthy sites to buy Rolex watches?
  5. chris snell

    Where's the best place to get a quality synthetic winch line these days?

    Looks like Viking Winchlines is no longer selling winch lines.
  6. chris snell

    The Very Best Thread

    The tool deals thread inspired me to post this. For those that know me in person, you know that I love finding the things that are top-quality and exhibit craftsmanship, precision, functionality, and/or design that is above all alternatives. Have any product that you're in love with, that...
  7. chris snell

    Compression test for 300Tdi

    Can someone give me a run-down of doing a compression test on a 300Tdi? I assume that I would need to disconnect the fuel cut-off solenoid and pull the glow plugs but that's about all I know. What's the right tool and adapter? What's the pressure numbers for good/bad? Thanks,
  8. chris snell

    Fumoto and Femco valves

    Has anybody ever installed a Fumoto or Femco valve on their truck’s oil pan? I ordered one for my diesel Ram truck and was thinking about getting one for my 110. They sure seem like they would make oil changes easier and cleaner. I’m not sure about the size/thread of the 300Tdi drain plug...
  9. chris snell

    Where do you live?

    I am looking at locations and trying to figure out where to put the new NAS-ROW servers. I want to get an idea where our regulars live, generally speaking. Unfortunately, I ran out of options on the poll, so there is no EMEA, LATAM, or APAC choices. More than likely, I will try to get space...
  10. chris snell

    NAS-ROW Update

    Hi Everybody, Our cloud provider has notified me that they will be decommissioning the area of the data center where our servers currently live. We don’t have to move the servers immediately but much like motors, servers age and eventually need to be rebuilt or replaced. I’m going to take...
  11. chris snell

    Gale Banks on Diff Covers

    This is a pretty fun video to watch. Gale Banks is a national treasure.
  12. chris snell

    East coast Bosch starter rebuilder?

    Is there a good rebuilder of Bosch starters on the East Coast?
  13. chris snell

    FREE: seat box mat and Genuine floor mats

    Local pick up in Carlisle PA only. I won't ship but I will put on RURR if someone is coming through. FREE
  14. chris snell

    Great long-form essays

    I love a really good story. Particularly, I love the long-form nonfiction essay, the kind of tale that's long enough to spend an evening reading in bed, but not so long that you put it down and lose interest to the inevitable distraction. I read one tonight that I want to share, plus another...
  15. chris snell

    Traxxas TRX-4 R/C Crawler Kit

    Anybody have one? How do you like it? just ordered two kits for my boys, ages 5 and 8. I get the feeling that the five year-old will be a little young for this but I think that the eight year old will love it. There’s a pretty amazing selection of aftermarket parts for them. Of course, I...
  16. chris snell

    Brain Teaser

    This showed up on Slack at work and it was too good not to share. I saw some pretty amazing solutions to this in the responses. I think the best was around four steps. You wanted to split 300 grams salt into three 100g piles with only one balance scale, one 5g weight and one 30g weight. What...
  17. chris snell

    Old tractors

    Kind of reminds me of our old tractors.
  18. chris snell

    7n6 ammo

    Looking for some 7n6 ammo. There's plenty on Gunbroker but the sellers are often sketchy. Anybody here have some to sell or have a line on any?
  19. chris snell

    Best quality starter for 300Tdi?

    Who sells the best quality starter availabile for 300Tdi? I'm on my second starter in three years. This one was a Bosch model that I got from Robert Davis that was supposed to be pretty decent. Feels like the solenoid is sticking and sometimes I sounds like the teeth aren't catching, though I...
  20. chris snell

    Rubber floor mat/tunnel cover

    I have a used NATO green rubber floor and tunnel mat. These are super thick and extremely heavy duty. I think they were made by Exmoor. $40 plus the ride. Fastenal pallet? Local pickup in Carlisle PA, maybe?