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    Shipping help

    Good morning. I have purchased a 110 in South Carolina and I’m trying to get it to Colorado. I’ve engaged a shipping broker that was recommended on this board. The order has been out for 4 weeks now and no one is picking it up. We have even raised the price a couple of times. Any...
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    Dealer question

    Have any of you dealt with They seem to be getting a good bit of their stock from Michael at RiverHouse. Just curious if anyone has any first hand experience with them. Thanks.
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    anybody know this truck? Looks clean and low miles.
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    Anyone in southern Florida?

    I'm looking at a 110 that Surfside 4x4 has in stock. Anyone in that area willing to check it out for me? I am having a pre purchase inspection done as well, but two sets of eyes couldn't hurt if it's not too much trouble. I'm planning to fly down prior to final purchase agreement, but don't...
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    110 in good condition

    I'm in the market for a 110 5 door. Really set on a diesel and looking for a truck in good mechanical condition. I have my eye on 2 that could work, but before I pull the trigger I thought I'd see if anyone is on the fence about selling theirs. I'm a cash buyer with a $45,000 budget. We will...
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    200TDI vs. 300TDI Probably beating a dead horse

    I've posted a few questions lately as I'm about to purchase a 110. I have been looking forever (since I sold my NAS 90 10 years ago) and it is finally time. Through my search I've landed on two trucks currently. One is a 200TDI/LT77 and the other is a 300TDI/R380. The 300 has 225,000 miles...
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    Headliner Replace or Remove

    Happy New Year to everyone. I'm in the process of buying a 110. The headliner is trash! Is it worth the money to replace it? Or am I better off to remove it and have a metal roof?? Is there a big difference in noise and insulation? I live in a cold climate, so the insulation is important...
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    Michael @ River House

    Hey everyone. I'm in the market for a 110, and have located one that I am very interested in. I've been working through some details, but I'm a bit nervous to send a big chunk of change out of the country to someone I don't know! Just looking for some feedback from any of you that have dealt...